Community Easter Egg Hunt

To ensure your child’s/children’s participation on the day, please register below for their FREE passes.

Free Family Event

Wednesday 8th April, 2020
Braeside Park
Lower Dandenong Road, Braeside, Victoria 3195

Entertainment from 1:00pm
First age group hunting from 2:00pm

1 - 4 Year Olds: 2-3pm (1 accompanying guardian is permitted, however participation is for the children ONLY)

5 - 8 Year Olds: 3-4pm (Adult or older children entry to the Egg Hunt zone is NOT permitted)

9 -12 Year Olds: 4-5pm (Adult or older children entry to the Egg Hunt zone is NOT permitted)

Adults do not require a ticket

Tickets not available at the gate or on the day of the event. Tickets must be secured before the event.

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By clicking the book now button, I claim full responsibility and guardianship for each child in attendance booked under my name. Area Specialist or any associated company does not take any liability for the full attention for each child, the dietary requirements or any allergies associated with each child and each child’s participation is at the discretion of their parent or guardian. Whilst Area Specialist and any associated companies will minimise any risks that may be associated with each child’s participation, we ask that all parents and guardians provide the responsibility, full attention, view and the best interests for safety of their child and themselves at all times.

By registering, I acknowledge that videography and photography devices may be present and recordings may taken during the event and registering, will form my acceptance. I acknowledge and accept, for my child to participate in any entertainment provided, including but not limited to: face painting, jumping castle amusements, Easter egg hunt where chocolate eggs may contain traces of nuts, park ground equipment and any other activities. I also acknowledge and accept that Area Specialist accepts no liability for any harmed caused, to any individual within my registration. I confirm that I have the authorisation, for the individual attendees to be registered.